If your posture is bad, these 11 TikTok approved products will straighten your spine

2021-11-12 11:28:51 By : STEVEN XIE

Before making any changes to your health plan, be sure to consult your doctor about any medical issues.

Do you suffer from high-tech neck or chronic back or neck pain? As an epidemic, forcing many of us to work from home in unprecedented conditions that affect our spine, you are certainly not alone. Not a positive one!

Because of technology, the situation in the United States is already very bad. But now, the situation may be worse. Researchers estimate that 1 in 10 people suffers from #TechNeck—a chronic neck pain related to stretching the neck with devices such as computers or mobile phones for long periods of time—at any given time.

Fortunately, TikTok fully understands how your neck cramps feel, so as usual, social media apps come to the rescue.

Check out 11 posture correction products that happen to be approved by TikTok. As always, the listed prices may fluctuate over time.

Minder is a wearable device that, when used in conjunction with respiratory function, may help relieve symptoms of high blood pressure, depression, stress, and pain associated with anxiety and poor posture. Provide virtual one-on-one lessons with Minder health coach, and use the "game" method to straighten your spine. You can clip Minder to a shirt or belt, or wear it as a necklace. It will track all your data, remind you to take a break, and even encourage you to focus on breathing.

An Amazon reviewer even wrote: “When the pandemic started, I started working from home. After most of the time I was using my laptop, mobile phone or watching TV, I realized that I needed help. I got about two couples. It has helped me a lot a week ago. It is easy to use and provides me with a specific way to get up and move around throughout the day."

Have you ever done bridge or backbend? Maybe you did it in gymnastics or yoga class?

Even if you are new to this micro-stretching, its benefits are endless. With Backbridge, you can start anytime. Backbridge is not as strong as the full bridge or "wheeled" yoga poses, and it provides five different degrees of pain relief. Just stack them for more intense stretching (of course, we recommend starting with only one). Use only four minutes a day to safely exercise and strengthen your upper and lower back, and over time you will find that it can gently adjust your spine.

TikTok loves this! Upright Go 2 Posture Trainer and Corrector is a very cool posture correction option because it is the smallest and most compact among them. A tiny device that can improve your posture and strengthen your back and core muscles in just two weeks. It connects to the Upright Go app for iOS and Android. After logging in to the app, you can start daily training sessions and use the app to track your progress.

It works like this: in training mode, when it detects that you are slack, this small device glued to your back with an adhesive vibrates gently. Of course, you can adjust the sensitivity and intensity of the vibration in the app, but the best part is that the app will track your improvements.

If you are struggling with back pain and general weakness, your sitting position is as important as your standing position. The 5-star United Seat Cushion Pillow has received more than 17,800 reviews on Amazon.com. It is made of 100% memory foam and has a posture correction contour that can relieve back pain. You can use it in a wheelchair, computer or desk chair, home or office. Using this cushion may help increase blood flow, reduce and prevent back pain, relieve muscle fatigue, improve leg tightness and retrain your spine so that it is naturally upright-without any pain.

An Amazon.com reviewer wrote: “So I bought this product based on the recommendations of several colleagues, and they said it can relieve my back pain. I may have made the purchase of what I affectionately call a comfortable hip pillow. The best decision I have ever made. It feels like you are sitting on the most supportive but fluffy cloud and the little angel is playing the harp on your cheek. Your posture has greatly improved-this is me Desperately needed-and it really helped my backache."

Are you a complete gym rat? Exercise is indeed beneficial-obviously-but only if you have the right technique. If you exercise in a bad posture, you may not experience many of the benefits of exercise at all. You may end up with more soreness than you started (especially your back and neck). The 5-foot Brrrn board is recommended for users who are 5 feet 3 inches tall and short (larger boards for taller people). It is great because it stabilizes you better than any towel or yoga mat. You can use this board for low-intensity aerobic exercise and body sculpting. Brrrn Board can improve balance, flexibility, stability and muscle endurance, all of which are directly related to correct posture and reducing back and neck pain.

Buy it on TheBrrrn.com for $229.

TGFMG! (That's "Thank God for giving this massage gun.") Although you can use the Fusion Black Pro muscle massage gun to relieve pain in any part of your body, it is particularly effective on hard-to-reach muscles such as the neck and neck. Back. The Fusion Black Pro muscle massage gun uses a 12-degree handle to provide better grip. It has a 4.7-star rating and more than 7,000 reviews on Amazon. Most reviewers like to increase the range of motion, relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, and improve blood flow and circulation. These are just some of the benefits.

An Amazon.com reviewer wrote: “This gun is great, I don’t want to make it stronger. I have some of the worst knots on my back that have been around for decades, and this is enough to fix them (with only The smallest accessory. I very much doubt that due to the well-thought-out design, I very much doubt that these accessories will never be damaged. They have a high-quality feel and appearance, and high-quality materials."

It may look like a wave or a dolphin story, but Amazon's neck and shoulder relaxer actually fits your neck! Its unique soft, dense and comfortable foam design can restore the proper cervical curvature of your neck to eliminate stiffness and overall neck pain. You may find neck pain relief in just 10 minutes of use - many reviews of 18,578 neck and shoulder relaxers on Amazon have experienced this - but it may also take one to three days to adjust time.

An Amazon.com reviewer wrote: "Man, I am very happy that this little futuristic tsunami pillow exists (not its real name, I gave it a nickname because it looks so cute and weird!) I must Travel with it and have a life that will always be in my life from now on, but this is a sacrifice I am willing to make."

Is the key to a straighter and straighter spine really in your ass? Yes! The ergonomic hip pad posture corrector uses a U-shaped ergonomic design (usually recommended by orthopedics), which can reduce a variety of pains, including those associated with pregnancy and after surgery. But this comfortable seat with a machine-washable cover is more than just for the hip muscles. It is very suitable for the office, in the car, on the sofa, and even when watching the game in the stadium, because it actively fights the lazy posture. The ergonomic hip seat posture corrector supports the natural curve of the spine while you are sitting.

Buy it at Inspire Uplift for $39.97.

Just as certain yoga postures have miraculous effects on back and neck pain, low back pain relief devices can relieve muscle pain and stress. As part of the self-massage device, this pain relief device has more than 11,700 reviews on the Amazon website, allowing your back to relax in a unique yoga-style posture, thereby relieving the tension of tense muscles. Not only does it feel like a back massager, but it also provides a gentle slight bend to your lower back to provide lumbar support. It can also stretch the back. If used under the guidance of a doctor, it may help solve health problems such as herniated disc, sciatica, and spinal stenosis. It can also correct bad posture.

An Amazon.com reviewer wrote: "This product is very easy to use! When it first arrived and opened it, I set it up with the help of instructions, no big deal, and then I lay on the floor Three to five minutes. I felt the difference immediately and my pain began to subside. I also used it in my car for the first time to help relieve pain while driving because I was rushing to my destination because I was sitting all day Work."

ComfyBrace Posture Corrector Back Brace is approved by TikTok and is also an Amazon bestseller, with more than 26,000 reviews on the Amazon website. This is a wearable brace designed to straighten the spine and relieve chronic back and neck pain. It can adjust your posture correctly and relieve the pressure on the tension area (back, neck, shoulders and collarbone). ComfyBrace is breathable, hard to find under clothes, and light in weight, making it ideal for busts from 30 inches to 43 inches.

An Amazon.com reviewer wrote: "Wow. I just received this yesterday (last night to be precise) and immediately put it on. I immediately felt relief on my upper back/scapula. I personally think it doesn't Changed mine until I walked by and my husband wore it under my hoodie, and he told me I looked different. "Very different," he clarified.

When we sit at a desk or stand upright, we can only do so much to correct our posture, but when it comes to daily life and how often you crane your neck on your phone, this behavior will also make you feel bad. Strained neck. As the perfect, high-tech solution of #TechNeck, Phone Neck Posture Corrector Device can keep your phone at a higher level of sight so that you will not have a negative impact on your neck posture due to lowering your head and rolling online. It has a 360 degree rotation, adjustable length, height and angle, you can even use it vertically or horizontally. For maximum convenience, this handheld device is also portable and small enough to fit in a pocket. It is even equipped with an optional remote shutter to take photos hands-free.

Buy it at The Grommet for $30.

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