Upright GO Posture Trainer Review

2021-11-12 11:29:04 By : Ms. Gavin Sun

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Comfortable, light and almost unobtrusive

Can be worn under any type of clothing

The gentle vibration makes your posture not to be ignored

Use the app's tracking data to view the progress of your posture over time

100% equipment usage depends on Upright GO app

The basic use of the equipment is not intuitive

If the idea of ​​wearing a brace is not attractive or suitable for your lifestyle, the Upright GO posture corrector is the perfect way to improve your posture. It is simple and discreet, no matter what you wear, you can wear it in a few seconds. But this highly technical-based posture correction method has some disadvantages, that is, you always need nearby apps when you use it, and you need to remember to charge it frequently.

We purchased the Upright GO S Posture Trainer so that our reviewers can test and evaluate it. Read on for our full product review.

Regardless of whether you have been working from home for the past year and a half, anyone who has an office job — or someone who needs to sit often — knows that posture is struggling: the comfort of the moment does not always feel good in the future (Hello, Back pain in the middle of the night), but the perfect posture is difficult to maintain and difficult to adapt. 

If you have ever complained about your neck or back injury after working in the office for a day, your environment may be something wrong. Checking the ergonomics of the workstation is a good starting point, but if you are still sitting lazily on a perfectly calibrated office chair, all the ergonomics in the world will not help. This is absolutely correct to me. The more I work in the home office, the more painful and stiff it is to finish my work. 

For many of us, bad posture is a bad habit, and we don’t even realize that we have developed this habit, which leaves us ignorant of how to solve it. Posture correctors are a great way to identify any posture problems and correct them over time-this slow and stable method makes posture correction completely painless, gradually training your back and neck muscles to be more ergonomic Support your body the way you learn-a friendly way.

As someone who has been working from home, I am very interested in the features provided by Upright GO. Can it really help me sit upright and make me feel better at my desk? This is what I found.

There is no assembly or setup of the actual equipment; it comes with an adhesive applied to the equipment, ready to be used. The real setting is to download the app to your smartphone or tablet, create a profile, and customize your settings and training goals.

One thing I was initially frustrated with was the charging of the device-it was not charging, but the instructions did not indicate this. It was not until I downloaded the app, hoping I could start using it immediately, that I realized that I had to charge the device before I could try it out. It may take two to three hours to fully charge, so I had to put the device aside and start the next day.

"The real setting is to download the app to your smartphone or tablet, create a profile, and customize your settings and training goals."

Otherwise, the application settings are quite simple: I enter my age, gender, weight, and height, confirm the number of training minutes I want to achieve each day (the application recommends starting from 8 minutes a day), and adjust some notification settings, such as completing me Reminders of daily training as well as vibration mode and intensity.

Upright GO comes with a soft storage box, a USB charging cable, additional reusable adhesives, and some other useful items such as tools for removing adhesives (the size and shape are equivalent to guitar picks) and alcohol Clean the wipes. 

Reusable adhesives seem to work well; even when they are not as sticky to the touch, I can still easily keep them on my skin. (Of course, this may vary from user to user, depending on your skin or how often you walk around during the day.) When a new adhesive needs to be applied, I don’t really need this tool to remove the adhesive, but it also Works well.

"I prefer a slightly larger box. I can put all the GO accessories in it at once."

Although the storage box is useful in terms of portability — it's a small square about 2.5 inches wide — I prefer a slightly larger box, and I can put all the GO accessories in it at once. In fact, you can only put the GO device itself and some additional adhesive in it; it is best to put everything including the USB cable in one place.

Compared with wearing a strap, adjusting the shoulder strap for a safe but comfortable fit, and adjusting the position so as not to rub or interfere with your clothes, the Upright GO device is very easy to use: you peel off the protective plastic from the adhesive, and Place it vertically anywhere on the center of the back (actually anywhere that one hand can reach), and then press it down until it sticks. It doesn't matter whether the power button is on the top or bottom, because GO will track your posture in either way.

Short press the power button to turn on the device, long press to turn off the device. You can also switch from training mode to tracking mode and use the power button to recalibrate your posture position. Simple LED indicators make it easy for you to understand what your GO is doing; green means it can be used, blue means it is connected to the app, and red means the battery is low or charging. 

Removing the device when finished is quick and easy; even if it stays on my skin without any problems, it is not difficult or uncomfortable to simply peel it off after use.

I have tried wearing braces and posture braces before, but I have never been a fan. My skin is very sensitive, so traditional posture correctors always leave red marks and scratches after using them for several hours. I also found it difficult to get a comfortable fit.

"It's actually a posture corrector, you can put it on and forget it-in fact, I did forget most of the time it was there."

All these problems can be solved with Upright GO: no adjustments, no friction, no need to worry about how long it will take to remove it. It is actually a posture corrector that you can wear and forget-in fact, I did forget most of the time it was there. This is a feature I really appreciate (which of course increases my wearing it To actually get the possibility of some posture-correction benefits).

It takes about two to three hours to charge GO, which is not bad if you remember to do this-but if you forget and want to charge quickly without losing a lot of training time, it will take a long time. 

Once the battery is fully charged, Upright GO indicates that the device can be used for 20 hours. If you use it to track your posture during a typical eight-hour workday, this means you have to charge it around half of the work week (or, if you don’t want to interrupt use, please change to two days each).

Since GO does not provide you with any information about the actual device (in other words, it is not like a fitness tracker or smart watch), you will be completely dependent on the Upright GO app for training when setting up your posture and completing your exercise Goal and track your posture throughout the day.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing: although it is helpful to be able to see my progress and customize my GO, sometimes I just want to wear GO to correct my posture, but because I don’t have my iPad at hand ( It is charging, or I cannot start the training session in another room). This is an area where the electronic posture corrector lacks a physical support, which can be worn anytime and anywhere and can be worn at any time.

"Although it is helpful to be able to see my progress and customize my GO, sometimes I just want to wear GO to correct my posture, but I can't do it because I don't have a convenient iPad."

At first I didn't find the application very intuitive and there were not many instructions for use. I think I am very tech-savvy, so I figured it out through some exercises, but anyone struggling with an app-based device might not understand that this device can only be used with its apps. 

Every user should be familiar with two particularly useful tabs: Statistics and Settings. The Statistics tab allows you to view multiple data points for any given date, including:

You can also customize many settings for your GO in the "Settings" tab, including:

Finally, the app allows you to check GO’s battery level, turn off your device remotely, and even order new reusable adhesives (purchasing a pack of 10 from the Upright GO store is $9.95 and can be used within 2 to 3 days Free shipping on delivery).

Whether GO is right for you depends largely on whether you are willing to learn its quirks and remember to actually wear it. If you can overcome these obstacles, I don’t see how it will help you in the long run; this is a simple but effective reminder that allows you to check your body posture throughout the day, look for posture patterns, and adjust you environment of.

"In just a few days, even without the equipment, I was able to check my posture and know what laziness is based on my position on the chair."

In this way, I found GO to be very effective: noticing that it is difficult for me to maintain a good posture on the old office chair, I replaced it with a chair that makes sitting easier and more comfortable. Once I find a comfortable but posture friendly posture, I can enter training mode to practice maintaining it.

In just a few days, I can check my posture at the desk without equipment, and know what laziness is based on my posture on the chair. It has become less difficult to maintain a straighter posture, and after a long game on my table and chair, my discomfort is lessened. 

Upright GO officially stated that it can start to improve your posture within the first two weeks, which seems reasonable to me; with long-term use, I am confident that in other situations, I will be more familiar, more comfortable, and healthier. , A stronger posture.

When it comes to putting on Upright GO and starting a day’s life, the comfort of this miniature device is unparalleled: it is carefully attached to your back without interfering with any of your clothes, and the adhesive is finally used for multiple purposes. , The clear and gentle vibration lets you know when you need to adjust your posture.

However, the physical ease of use of the equipment has brought some technical difficulties. It needs to be used with the Upright GO application, which is not the most intuitive program we have encountered; many settings need to be customized to make your GO work the way you need, when you really master it, you may need to Recharge and start again tomorrow. If you are technically proficient, you should be able to quickly master and use Upright GO Posture Corrector proficiently, but others may find the device’s reliance on technology a bit frustrating.

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