Why did the Hawks tackle Jordan Mailata just no longer wear his knee pads? Registration Number

2021-11-12 11:58:00 By : Ms. Linda Cheng


Jordan Myrata appeared on the training ground on Wednesday and looked different.

No, he didn't dye his hair or tattoo. That is his right knee. Bracket. It is gone.

On September 23, Mailata sprained his knee during practice and missed two games. When he returned from the game with the Panthers, he used a bulky protective gear to protect his knee during practice and games.

After returning, he played four games—two at right tackles and the last two at his usual left tackle—and the bracket did not leave his knee.

On Wednesday, it was nowhere to be seen.

Myrata explained why he gave up the brace this week and said his ultimate goal is to play without it.

"I just want to strengthen the knee without a brace, so what I have been doing is sticking a lot of tape to the knee to maintain stability, with a little strength, and being able to push that knee away," Mailata practiced on Wednesday. Said later.

"I think for me just doing this in practice will help me regain strength, rather than relying on that support. It's a bit risky, but I just think that in the long run, continue to strengthen the quadriceps, continue to strengthen the knee, and It’s not a brace, it’s very important to me.

"I think this is a bit weakening the growth I am trying to achieve. I am trying to get back to 100%. This is just a personal opinion, but that's why I don't have a brace today (practice)."

The Eagles signed a four-year, $64 million contract with Mailata in September, even though he only started 10 professional games. This is how much they trust him.

In all fairness, Melata's performance after recovering from his knees has not yet fully reached his usual standard. He didn't play badly at all, but he wasn't very much like himself yet.

He said on Wednesday that the stent has something to do with this.

"I noticed," he said. "It doesn't allow me to load my knees the way I want, so (I) just try to figure out the perfect recipe I guess, trying to figure out how I can still use the same kick with and without brackets Bracket."

Mailata said he was not sure if he would wear the brace on Sunday, when the Eagles faced the Chargers in Linc.

"We will see," Mailata said. "We are tracking. Taking notes. Well, I'm personally recording how I feel when wearing a brace, and how I feel without a brace. Take it every day to see how it feels."

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