Knee fixator bracket for knee support and leg fixation Adjustable fracture knee support bracket/retainer joint

Basic InfoModel NO.: KDZJ-ZB-001Origin: BeijingHS Code: 90211Product DescriptionAdjustable elbow brace  InstructionProduct Name: Adjustable elbow brace Model:  KDZJ-ZB-001Product Composition: It composed of polyurethane foam, plastic, nylon fastener etc.Functions: 1. Immobilize arm to a ce

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Basic Info

Model NO.: KDZJ-ZB-001
Origin: Beijing
HS Code: 90211

Product Description

Adjustable Hinged Knee Orthopedic for Post Operative Fixation
Adjustable elbow brace  Instruction

Product Name: Adjustable elbow brace

 Model:  KDZJ-ZB-001

Product Composition: It composed of polyurethane foam, plastic, nylon fastener etc.


1. Immobilize arm to a certain angle or scope according to medical advice, to prevent elbow contracture 

2. A proper length should be adjusted according to the forearm and upper arm length of patient. 

Scope of application:

Conservative treatment and post-operative immobilization for forearm and elbow injuries
Usage method:

1. Remove the foam sponge and self adhesive straps, place them in order of size, there will left the joint and alloy bars.

2. Compare the length and circumference of alloy branch with the injured arm.

3. Use the length-control screw to adjust the length of alloy branch if not match.

4. Adjust the bended angle according to physician's advice.

5. Place the foam sponge on the alloy branch and twine to fixation.

6. Align the centre of chuck with elbow joint.

7. Fasten the fixing strap on the brace in order.


1. Please purchase and use under the guidance of doctors.

2. Keep the joint flexible and clean, avoid drop-in of foreign matter and fragment.

3. Wet environment may lead to corrosion, use dry cloth to wipe the metal parts if water inflows.

4. Soft fabric with a damp cloth and soft detergent, avoid acidic corrosive substances.

5. The thermal conductivity of metal parts will avoid prolonged close to the flame, or directly affected by sunlight, damage the body to prevent overheating of the metal or plastic deformation and soften.

6. The storage temperature should be in 15-30 ºC, humidity below 60%, and storage in a cool place.

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large carton  73*49.5*42cm

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